It's time to explore an easier way to work!

Replace your aging PBX system and focus on activities that will increase your business’ productivity and profits.

Quickly and easily find contacts, check their availability, and connect with them via phone, IM, video, desktop sharing and conferencing.

The result is a truly unified communications experience.




  • 3-year Managed Lease that allows for affordable monthly installments
  • System designed and configured to meet your business’ specific needs
  • Significant cost savings on toll charges for all local and international calls
  • Free inter-office calls to all branches
  • A true 24x7 Telephone Support via our Call Center at no additional cost to your organization



  • One screen for everything
  • VoIP call control, mobility, instant messaging, and audio and web conferencing
  • HD multipoint video with one-click access on a secure connection
  • Smart features like Join button, event wizard, agenda timer and conference call-out do your work for you
  • Meet and collaborate with any contact automatically


  • This UC system can be deployed easily and quickly with minimal training
  • The system requires only a single headquarters server, and software can be configured through a simple, browser-based console
  • Drop-in switches are easy to set up




  • Get a single view of all accounts, phones, trunks, and locations with ShoreTel Connect Director 
  • Easily set up accounts with "one click" user permissions for call handling modes and features
  • So easy to administer that non-technical employees can handle moves, adds, and changes in minutes



  • With its single-image system, ShoreTel’s distributed architecture is less vulnerable to the kind of glitches that sometimes occur in centralized architecture
  • N+1 redundancy, which means that if a switch fails, its load is automatically distributed to the other switches, protecting the system from an outage
  • In the event of an outage, the phone system will continue to place and receive calls on the PSTN


Consistently rated as the leader in lowest total cost of ownership by industry analysts.

  • Easy to deploy, use, manage and scale for exceptional value
  • Less phone system complexity means IT teams can spend more time on other projects
  • ShoreTel SIP offers additional opportunities to save on telecom costs by working with your onsite VoIP phone system
  • Ask about our lowest total cost of ownership guarantee


  • ShoreTel UC offers scalability from one user to 10,000 users and 500 sites, all within the same solution
  • Organizations can add switches as needed, as their capacity increases
  • Quick and cost-effective


  • ShoreTel upgrades are fast, simple and less expensive than competitors’ own
  • Upgrades are automatically distributed throughout the entire system
  • The upgrades come at no additional cost through the ShoreTel Support program