A firewall appliance will control and monitor all  points of entry and exit on your network   thereby preventing intrusion from hackers or other internet-based threats. WatchGuard’s products are not only easy to configure and deploy, but are designed with an emphasis on centralized management which makes ongoing policy and network management simple and straightforward. WatchGuard’s Dimension™ threat visibility tool enables IT managers to easily identify problems, set security policies across the network, and meet compliance standards.
WatchGuard’s architecture makes it easy for us to upgrade or change your existing services as technologies evolve and practices change.This saves you both time and money. In order to protect your network, we take a layered approach to security, ensuring a secure, impenetrable networking.   


WatchGuard's Security Predictions 2017


An award-winning network visibility tool, which filters oceans of log data into actionable security intelligence, providing an instant, single view of advanced threats.
Allows you real time visibility of your network activity through comprehensive reports, interactive dashboards and detailed traffic logs.
Not only helps identify security risks, but also enables the rapid mitigation of those risks and threats!



 Why does your business need this?

Identify top threats and trends See who is consuming the most bandwidth
Monitor patterns of the most visited websites Easily pivot, drill down & filter to receive detailed information when needed
Drill down to individual log data to reveal key details Over 70 comprehensive reports, which can be scheduled for email delivery

United Threat Management

Why does your business need this?

Employing our firewall appliances means that Best of Breed UTM is added
to your network. With the use of antivirus or Spam Blocker, top tier security
companies such as Kaspersky, AVG, Web Sense and Last Line work through
our device to protect your network from threats. Simultaneously, your
business productivity is improved because services like WebBlocker and
Application Control are part of this single system appliance.


Features of UTM:

 Intrusion Prevention Service  Gateway Antivirus  Spam Blocker  Reputation Enabled Defense
Experience the benefits of real-time protection from potential attacks including spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows. This signature-based security subscription blocks known spyware, viruses, Trojans and blended threats in real-time. With a confirmed spam detection rate of over 99%, STOP unwanted email at the gateway. This powerful, cloud-based URL reputation service protects web users from malicious web pages, while dramatically improving web-processing overhead.



 Data Loss Prevention (DLP)  APT (Advanced Persistant Threats) Blocker
ALL data in motion, regardless of transference, is automatically inspected using a library of over 200 predefined rules to detect personal, financial and healthcare information attempting to leave the network. Mid-sized and small businesses are increasingly more vulnerable to multitudinous threats, which can be particularly difficult to detect. APT Blocker’s full system emulation simulates the physical hardware, including CPU and memory, providing the deepest level of visibility into malware behavior, while remaining virtually undetectable to these threats.


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