Large Business Solutions

Large Business Solutions

LISA’s Managed Network service assesses a customer’s network needs, designs a reliable and cost effective network solution,¬†implements the optimal network design, then manages all network processes and security.



We will meet with your IT team to define the objective of your network. IT will provide us with general information about the current network such as the routers, switches and servers. LISA will then determine the equipment locations and the amount of cable runs to be done.


After information is collected, a network diagram will be completed showing the new topology including VLANs and SSIDs.


We will implement the new network according to the design plan with minimal downtime by running the networks in parallel for testing, until the redesigned network is sure to be ready to switch over. We will give you access to Virtual Machines for local applications.


We will include a 5Mb DSL connection as a management connection to the network as well as a backup connection should your primary ISP go down. We will have an SNMP monitoring server that will monitor the health of all your equipment and will set threshold alerts for them. Should an issue occur, support tickets will be automatically streamlined to our in-house Managed Service Management System, so that issues can  be solved in a timely manner. Our standard backup process allows restores to be made onto another server should the original goes down.





Our enterprise-grade network security services defend against evolving malware & ransomware, and prevent the loss of sensitive data.

Wireless Internet

Fast, reliable Internet access, speedy downloads, and advanced quality of service support for real time applications such as voice and video.

Wireless APs

Our high horsepower access point can support critical applications like voice, video, and streaming cloud-based services with ease.


We manage VLAN access, inter VLAN routing and MAC address locking to make sure the switch is as secure as it can be.


We handle the Domain Controller & offer Virtual Instances that customers can implement their own software. Everything on the server is backed up and can be restored quickly to the same or a different physical server.


  • Virtual machines & automated backups to LISA Cloud
  • Windows Server 2016 for Domain Control
  • Automated monitoring & alerts