Network Management

Network Management

LISA offers the most cost effective way to start and maintain a successful network. We have designed a sophisticated and fool-proof method of managing customer networks by automated alerts and standardized equipment that allows us to make your network a non-issue. We can provide you with all equipment and manage it according to your network’s goals. LISA manages everything from firewalls, routers, switches, domain controllers.



Network Audit


Get a detailed analysis and performance evaluation of your network. Each device on the network (routers, switches, firewalls, domain controllers) will have their own page report.


  • Analysis on network weaknesses and possible failure points
  • ISP uptime reports
  • Physical health report of all equipment
  • Switch and router configuration report
  • Firewall configuration report
  • Domain Controller report







Network Redesign


Based on the results of the Network Audit, LISA will redesign the network to best suit your organization’s needs.


  • The LISA Network Audit
  • A new network diagram with all devices on the network
  • A before and after network diagram, to show changes made
  • A proposal of recommended equipment to improve your network
  • An Implementation Plan for your organization
  • Disaster Recovery Planning for all devices







Network Management


Let LISA manage your network 24/7.


  • The LISA Network Audit & LISA Network Redesign
  • Switch Management with SNMP tools
  • Firewall and Wi-Fi Management
  • Domain Controller
  • VOIP Management