Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions

Managed IT services are critical to a small/medium business’ success. Decrease downtime, save money, have a team of experts at your fingertips 24/7, increase employee productivity and allow your business to adapt to the latest technologies.

Network & Internet Connectivity

We will manage the network firewall gateway policies. This includes limiting user internet access with URL Filtering and Application Control as well as security features like Virus Scanning and Intrusion Prevention. The firewall will also provide end user security with Ransomware protection. This device will be the DHCP server and DNS forwarder for the network if there is no other server.


This service will provide support for end users to connect to the network and internet with our phone support line.

Windows & Driver Updates

We will remotely ensure that your users’ computers are up-to-date with Windows and various driver updates to keep the computer running smoothly. Using Team Viewer, our engineers will keep Windows PCs updated as well as make sure that regular virus scans are done.

Network Printer Connectivity

We will ensure that the printer has network connectivity and can be reached by the PCs on the network. This does not include support for printer issues such as paper jams, ink replacement and other printer-based issues.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

We will set up the Wi-Fi SSIDs that are requested. Up to three (3) SSIDs can be created on the WatchGuard Firewall and is limited to the area that the firewall is. Customers can add additional access points at a cost.

Slow Computers

Using LISA’s slow computer method and device reporting, we can give your computer a performance boost by cleaning and ensuring the CPU and RAM are not being used unnecessarily.



Email Domain

We will set up your business’ email domain and manage it. You choose the name and determine the number of users. E.g.


Our cameras provide two-way audio, day or night monitoring, and motion detection alerts and recording.


You can add a managed server to the suite of services with File Shares, Domain Controller or Virtual Machine environment.


Should you require extra wired network drops, we can provide you with a switch.