Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Protection

Traditional cybersecurity is struggling to keep up with new malware. Our Smart technology, based on Big Data and AI, monitors every running application on your systems and classifies absolutely everything. Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, which only take action if a process is malicious, our technology detects attacks before they even happen. With one single solution, we can effectively detect and classify 100% of processes running on all the endpoints within your organization. Our endpoint protection stops malware, ransomware and threats that leverage unknown (zero day) vulnerabilities using an easy-to-manage cloud-based console and a lightweight agent that doesn’t interfere with performance of the endpoints.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Cloud-Based Agent
  • Real-time Endpoint Monitoring
  • Collective Intelligence Lookups in real time
  • Cloud-based Big Data Analytics
  • Zero-Trust App Service: Pre-execution, Execution and Post Execution
  • In Memory Behaviour Anti-Exploits

  • Exchange Server Protection: Antispam and Content Filtering
  • Behavioural IOA Detection
  • Protection of Systems when files are created
  • IDS, Firewall and Device Control
  • Web Browsing and Email Protection
  • Category Based URL Filtering

A single dashboard provides a global vision and consolidated management prioritizing detected threats.

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