Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points

Our access points are ideal for branch offices, stores and classrooms that can support critical applications and cloud-based services with ease.

Guest Wi-Fi & Marketing ROI

WatchGuard provides a complete guest Wi-Fi solution with not only secure Wi-Fi access, but a unique way to onboard guest users of your Wi-Fi – including integration with social networks, and built-in templates to create beautiful splash pages without any design or web development skills. With Wi-Fi Cloud business-driven analytics, your organization can get insights on user presence and behavior to help the marketing department make smart decisions about storefront displays, campaigns, guest engagement, and more.

Guest Wi-Fi Access

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud supports username- and password-based guest access. Receptionists can quickly and easily generate guest login credentials on demand or guests can be allowed to self-register to receive their login credentials via email or SMS.

Social Wi-Fi Authentication

Built-in integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Foursquare enables your business to onboard guests using their social logins. This is a great way to engage with guests that have opted-in to share their public profile – converting customers into loyal promoters and in turn increasing revenue and brand equity.

Location-based Analytics

Know how, where, and when visitors are using your Wi-Fi, so you can maximize your Wi-Fi investment and ensure an optimal Wi-Fi experience for users. Leverage the impressive analytics tools that WatchGuard Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi provides around site metrics like footfall (number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices detected), dwell time (duration of Wi-Fi-enabled device connections at your location), and conversion to drive business decisions.

Customize Guest Experience

Using WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud, you can fully customize the guest Wi-Fi experience without any web design or development skills. Using one of many design templates, create stunning splash pages to reach visitors with engaging videos, surveys, polls, targeted promotions and so much more. Now is the time to turn your Wi-Fi environment into a potent source of revenue and customer loyalty.

Push Marketing

Make the most of it when customers and guests connect to your Wi-Fi. Push real-time promotions and announcements via splash and landing pages to keep them engaged with your brand and drive transactions. Download the guest Wi-Fi user authentication data such as email addresses, SMS phone numbers, or social media profile data from the Wi-Fi Cloud and import into your marketing automation tool of choice. So even after they leave your business you still have their information and can send targeted discounts, special event notices and other compelling business news.

The AP120 is built for networks with heavy smartphone and tablet access such as guest or public Wi-Fi environments, or smaller-footprint locations that support limited devices. This access point is ideal for branch offices, stores, and small classrooms.

The AP320 is perfect for busy environments with a diverse client ecosystem and Wi-Fi requirement. This high horsepower access point can support critical applications like voice, video, and streaming cloud-based services with ease.

The AP322‘s rugged enclosure protects the wireless access point from the wind and rain while delivering broad, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi coverage. It is ideal for stadiums and sports fields, schools/universities, malls, parks, hotel pool areas and open air cafes, shipping docks, warehouses, and other harsh environments or outdoor locations.