Two-way Radios

Two-way Radios

Our innovative, digital conventional and trunked radio solution is designed to meet the highest demands of today’s communications environment and to provide users with a multitude of abilities to transform their operations. Not only do our radios offer superior audio quality, they are fault tolerant by design and are extremely durable.

Short-Range Radio

Portable Radio

Mobile Radio


This short-range portable radio offers professional performance, a long battery life and a range of up to six miles, all in a compact, sleek design. No airtime fee.


This two-way digital-trunked portable radio comes complete with charger, battery and antenna. Can be used for onsite or island-wide coverage.


This digital mobile radio  has GPS capabilities.


Multi-site inter-connectivity
Handheld and mobile coverage
Digital FDMA two-way communications
Individual selective radio-to-radio calling
Group-calling over multiple sites automatically
Priority/emergency-type calls take priority over any ongoing communications
Man-down signaling for personnel working alone
Automatic vehicle location (AVL) of vessels, vehicles and handhelds
Rugged design to support mission-critical operation