Data Storage & Recovery

Data Storage & Recovery

Establishing your company and ensuring its success is rooted in the knowledge that if anything should go wrong, all would not be lost. Every business owner needs to know that even with the most secure system in place, reliable recovery is a must. We offer one of the most steadfast solutions for data loss and data recovery through our managed service. We simultaneously and securely store your highly encrypted data at multiple geographical locations so that your business is safe and fully recoverable.

How do we protect your data?


Secure and fast data transfers to offsite locations

Data is compressed, de‐duplicated and encrypted in flight and at rest at our Network Operations Centre in Trinidad and is replicated in a secure data center overseas. This ensures that backups are sent and stored safely, remotely, and quickly.


Easy and safe disaster recovery

A compelling solution for disaster recovery that supports business continuity planning, no matter the circumstance, all data is safely backed up and fully recoverable. Our storage methods are premier, particularly because we replicate data both onshore and offshore. For fast recovery of large amounts of data, your company information can be transferred to an external drive locally, thus eliminating restoration via the internet, which can be extremely time consuming and inconsistent.


Regulatory compliance

LISA allows you to achieve regulatory compliance by ensuring that all data is protected offsite. This includes data at remote offices and sites. Imagine the peace of mind you will feel knowing that all your data is easily recoverable 24/7.