Managed Network Security

Managed Network Security

Why choose us?


  • We have 10 years of firewall & router experience
  • We do same day replacement of defective devices, depending on your location
  • SNMP tools for monitoring Internet connections
  • Our prices vary with the size of device required
  • Highly trained engineers & Helpdesk
  • Quick problem resolution
  • On-demand reporting
  • Quick configuration changes
  • 24/7 Telephone Support Service




Small Businesses (1-50 employees)


  • Enterprise level security at an affordable price
  • No need for firewall/router experience as our team does everything
  • Wireless Access Point for Wi-Fi is built into the device
  • Everything is scanned on router before entering network
  • You can connect 2 ISPs for seamless redundancy
  • View and restrict websites users may be visiting





Medium to Enterprise (50+ employees)


  • Firewall is managed for best practice implementation and configuration modifications
  • Our engineers have fast response times for completing tasks
  • You are provided with another source of troubleshooting network issues with gateway monitoring, logging and reporting
  • You are given a full assessment of network traffic based on interpretation of logs and reports
  • SNMP tools monitor the health of your device and multiple WANs
  • Integration of Domain Controllers and Radius Servers
  • LISA Dimension reporting server is included with the Managed Service
  • Training is available on request. Customers have the options to manage their device with LISA support
  • Customers will have 24/7 support and site visits on request
  • WatchGuard Access Points can be easily integrated into your network