Network Security & Savings

Network Security & Savings

Security breaches damage business reputations and can cost millions. Whether your business has a single location or multiple locations, we have a solution that is right for your environment to keep your network safe. Whether it be from hackers, ransomware, malware or even your own employees, these can lead to delays in network and computer performance or leakage of sensitive information. Implementing far-reaching security protocols can feel cost prohibitive, confusing and difficult without proper planning and strategy. Here’s how we can buff up your network security without breaking the bank:

Site-to-site Connectivity

We provide less expensive site-to-site connections than Metro-E and other site-to-site options. Let us help you negate costly connections to your branches by using VPN tunnels using your existing internet connections.

URL Filtering & Application Control

Imagine you are paying your employee thousands of dollars a month and they waste at least one hour a day surfing the web on social media, games or shopping. Cutting out time-wasting websites and applications ensures that your employees are focusing on their job without distractions. However, we give you the option to grant employees access to these websites and applications based on scheduled security policies.

Ransomware & Malware Protection

Ransomware is when a hacker holds an individual or business’ data hostage until a sum of money if paid to retrieve it. It is essentially downtime as employees cannot access data to do their jobs. Similarly, malware which is software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network, causes downtime by leading to slow unresponsive computers. Using security tools, we ensure your computers remain protected and responsive.

Downtime Prevention

How much loss do you associate with your Internet being down? Can your employees still work? With cloud applications dominating industry today, uptime has become the most important productivity factor of your network. Our solutions provide the ability to use multiple internet connections seamlessly so should one fail, you experience no downtime.

Outsourced IT/Infrastructure

Do you have issues with PCs or network equipment that cause productivity problems or stoppages? By implementing best-practice systems to secure and monitor your equipment, we can do preventative maintenance and security to remove frustrating PC or network problems from the equation. Our Managed Infrastructure and IT services can lead to long-term cost savings when compared to hiring an equivalent set of employees.

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