Remote Worker Security

Remote Worker Security

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought forward the necessity of remote working so it is absolutely essential to protect your remote domain PCs when employees work from home. Ask yourself these questions below to see whether you are prone to these risks.

Insecure Home Network Infrastructure

  • Are your home devices compromised which may in turn compromise the employee’s PC?
  • Is any packet or port snooping being done in this insecure network?
  • Can your employees access insecure streaming media websites from home?
  • Are compromised PCs returning to your domain network?


Insecure Connections Into Your Network Resources

  • Are your employees accessing servers through secure tunnels?
  • Are emails securely transferred when from a remote network?
  • Have you considered 2 factor authentication for network access?

With our Managed Security solution, we cover all the bases of your network infrastructure and endpoints. We allow you the breathe easier knowing that our security process mitigates risks and prevents threats.


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